Ganesha - Wellbeing by Karin
"What you are the world is. And without your transformation there can be no transformation of the world." – Jiddu Krishnamurti



The magic of yoga lies in the fact, that whatever your initial aims of achievement are and were, that you will be rewarded beyond your expectations.

The path of yoga is not only via sweat (asana), but also breath (pranayama), love & devotion (bhakti), service (seva) and conscious living.

As long as you enjoy and are grateful of your practice, yoga will never fall short to reveal a bit more of the path into stillness, joy, physical health, balance, spirituality and well-being. Leading to the ultimate truth of what is life. I continue to learn more about yoga and about nutrition every single day, with the intention of being my best self for all of you.

It is my greatest hope that you will be inspired to get onto your mat each day to meet yourself as you are with love, acceptance, and determination, to always be the best version of you.

Om shanti,




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